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Private Waterloos

Zac was a straight A student, class president, most likely to succeed but by the age of 25 he was a college drop out.

Zac peaked too soon…

He was once the golden child who was ever blindly falling forward. That is until tragedy stops him short.

Now, failing out of college, he begrudgingly moves back home, with frazzled over protective parents and an older sister who can no longer stand him. Lost, he finds solace in old acquaintances and new friends that causes ripples of change in all of their lives.

"Private Waterloos" is a Southern family dramedy, where those around us help the other in finding our purpose, lasting love, and acceptance against our tragic pasts.

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The Trouble with Off-Campus Housing

When sophomore Bobby Wolfe causes a fire in his college dormitory, he begins an extraordinary off-campus adventure that soon becomes the stuff of on-campus legend.

Forced to find housing off-campus, Bobby discovers a room-and-board opportunity ripped from the pages of the gothic novels he loves: Oversee the repairs of Lovett mansion, the ominous, forgotten property on the far-edge of town.

Upon his arrival, Bobby meets the property’s reclusive owner, Adam Lovett. A shut-in who hides in the dark corners of the house, Mr. Lovett piques Bobby’s curiosity with his odd speech and age-old vernacular. What are the secrets that cling oppressively to him?

With each renovation project’s completion, Lovett Mansion begins to take on new life, quite literally. Strange items begin materializing on the property, and the vast estate’s rebirth begins revealing long concealed mysteries and inconsistencies. With the help of his new boyfriend, Bryan Van Owen, and his best friend, the much beloved drag queen Ursula Moolay, Bobby begins to uncover the vast secrets that the Lovett Mansion holds and looks fabulous doing it. But someone is willing to do whatever it takes to keep the secrets buried.  Join in the conversation here on Goodreads.

And We Call it Bella Notte

When Timmy meets the man of his dreams he wants his Hollywood happy ending. Fate however, wants to take him on a journey. A short story about love, loss, and rainy days in LA.  Join the conversation here on Goodreads.