Rainbow Advent Calendar Day 5

December 4, 2019 Blogs 0

Happy Holidays Everyone, I am exited to be the day 5 elf! My short story can be read as a standalone, but it does follow the events of¬†Something Borrowed Something Boo- (Book 1) in The Point Pleasant Holiday Series, A Gay HALLMARK-ish series! If you want to get book 1, it will go on sale… Read more


May 31, 2019 Blogs 0

I have launched my readers group on Facebook! Come and join in on the fun! It is called SWEET AND SALTY and I am excited to finally be at a place where this is possible. I love talking to everyone and hope you enjoy it as much as I do. It’s not just a place… Read more

FAULT LINES- Release date- Blurb- Cover Reveal!

March 6, 2019 Blogs 0

Fault Lines- Cover reveal I am so excited to announce that FAULT LINES, the sequal to The Trouble With Off-Campus Housing is set to release on April 2, 2019. I will be doing a presale on Amazon starting March 25th! This book continues the adventures of Ursula Moolay (a fan favorite) and takes place ten… Read more

It’s In My Blood- Criminal Delights (Obsession)

February 14, 2019 Blogs 0

Hey everyone, I am excited to share with you the cover for It’s In My Blood. It is a part of the Criminal Delights series that I am excited to be participating in. It is a full length Dark Romance and I am using a new pen name for these type of books. SEAN AZINSALT…… Read more

Rainbow Advent Calendar 2018

December 5, 2018 Blogs 0

I am participating in the Rainbow Advent Calendar 2018 along with quite a few other authors. Please take a moment and sign up for my mailing list! To read the stories by the many authors as they appear through December please visit the Rainbow Advent Calendar facebook Group. And this is where the links to… Read more

Writing and writing and writing…

May 4, 2018 Blogs 0

Hello good people who actually come onto my website! I am hardly writing and hard at work writing depending on the day. My next book will be FAULT LINES and it will be published at the end of June. This book continues the story of Ursula Moolay from my first novel The Trouble With Off… Read more

The Year of the Cock is here!!!

October 23, 2017 Blogs 0

Well , actually its been here since January 1st since 2017 is the year of the rooster. I am excited to share my new release with you! This book has taken me long enough to get out into the world and finally it has arrived.¬† I thought I would share with you the cover that… Read more